Through a combination of guided-play and direct instruction, children are taught individually, in small groups and as an entire class to achieve mastery of fundamental concepts.

Once proficient, new and more challenging material is introduced.

Subject areas include Math (numbers, patterns, algebra, data, measurement, space and geometry) and Language (letter recognition, phonetics, spelling, reading, writing) as well as French, Art, Physical Education and Music.

Kindergarten students also enjoy books and stories, and outside play.

We ensure that our students are happy and enjoy coming to school. They develop fundamental skills. They learn how to set goals, make positive choices and communicate. They develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

Above all, we reinforce kindness, respect for others and respect for self.

Academic Programs

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"My four-year-old son started Junior Kindergarten at Howlett Academy in September, unable to hold a pencil and certainly not interested in doing so. The blossoming that I have witnessed in him over the past four months is nothing short of astounding. By December, he was writing all his letters beautifully as well as starting to read. He has become very interested in art as well as science. He loves his music and French classes. 

He is one of eight children in a calm, well-curated classroom overseen by two committed teachers who are attentive, caring, firm, and loving. I'm continually amazed at how much the teachers pack into a well-planned day that includes two hours of recess/meal times, allowing for the necessary mental and physical charging of young children."

- Gina Buonaguro